Emotion and Body Code

Discover your mind and body’s own energy healing power with this advanced wellness method.

Suitable for both adults and children. Sessions also available via internet at times to suit you.


Release negative trapped emotions and unpack your harmful emotional baggage for good.

This technique is designed to help you ease emotional wounds, conquer self-doubt, restore love to relationships and break cycles of self-sabotage. Aches and pains are also often associated with negative emotional energy trapped in a person’s body and releasing the energy can even help resolve any physical discomfort.

By restoring balance to the physical body, we can recover from pain, discomfort, and distress.

Most of us are in an unbalanced state in one way or another and few would claim to feel 100% well, 100% of the time! However, while imbalance is extremely common it may also be very easy to resolve. In addition to emotional wellbeing, the Body Code restores system and structural balance, enables toxin and pathogen resolution and addresses nutrition and lifestyle.

What happens in a session?

Sessions are completely painless and non-invasive, simple, beneficial and effective.

They can be completed locally in person or at a distance, which works equally well with the practitioner working with the client via phone-internet video call. The benefits of the remote session are that the client does not have to take too much time out, or travel, as the session is conducted in the comfort of their own home, or place of work.

Just sit back and relax!

Discover your mind and body’s own natural healing power

Advanced wellness method with online and remote sessions

Gentle technique suitable for all adults, children – and pets

Fast, effective. Ancient wisdom combined with modern science


How does a session work over the internet or over the phone?
The power of our mind is incredible, and an understanding of how invisible energy works enables certified practitioners to connect with the client’s energy field and subconscious mind to decode the necessary information, whether they are in the same room or on the other side of the world. The principles of the testing are supported by quantum physics and the use of healing magnets along the body’s central meridian are in line with ancient Chinese medicine.
Is it safe for children?
It is ideal for children of any age.

A parent or guardian may act as a substitute in person for the child if they so wish, or the practitioner can act as a proxy if they or the child are both remote.

Minors under 18 require parental / guardian consent.

Can animals be treated also?
Yes, your family pets can benefit from sessions too!
How many sessions will I need?
It Is not a Quick Fix. Some may feel “lighter” after just a single Emotion Code Session, but others may well need several or more sessions in order to resolve issues.

Testing at the end of each session will allow the subconscious to indicate how long the client may need to process the release before another session.

What can the Body Code diagnose and how will I be treated?
The Body Code does NOT diagnose a condition. It is not designed to replace any current medical treatment or advice. It identifies imbalances in the body and enables their realignment, with the powerful natural healing ability of the body, to restore homeostasis and help speed recovery.
I suffered some major trauma. Will I have to relive it and discuss it?
No. If you recognise any painful emotion that has been identified in a session and do not wish to talk about it there is no need. It is enough for you to acknowledge it and it can be quickly released.
How does the Body Code differ from the Emotion Code?
In addition to identifying emotional issues as part of the body´s energetic system, the Body Code also uncovers and treats physical misalignments, or imbalances with organs, glands circuits and systems of the body. It also helps release any pathogens, toxins, and reveals.any Nutrition and Lifestyle issues.
What is meant by investigating the circuits and systems of the body?
The Body Code aims to correct any misalignment and lack of communication between the component parts of the body that form, for example, the circulatory, digestive, urinary, skeletal, muscular, respiratory, nervous and immune systems. Often the root cause of imbalance is trapped negative emotion.

It is always great to have feedback from clients!

Comfort after bereavement

A friend recommended I see Lynda for some Body / Emotion Code sessions after the sudden death of my only son, shortly after I had lost two other close relatives. I was completely distraught and finding it hard to find my way back to enjoying life at all. After the first session my mood had shifted and after 3 sessions I felt much, much better and able to carry on…..

I can´t thank Lynda enough!



Having had counseling at university for my anxiety, and seeing a number of specialists about my allergies and dermatitis, I also tried a variety of alternative remedies before being prescribed medicines that helped with my skin issues. The interesting thing about the Body and Emotion Code it how it accurately points to events in the past (in my case major stress triggers) that contributed to symptoms and then enables you to release and regain some calm.


No more night terrors!

For as long as I can remember, from childhood, I had suffered with nightmares practically every single night. I am not an anxious person by day but my sleep was full of terrifying things. There seemed to be no explanation for it and no “remedies” worked. I was having Reiki healing when I was referred to Lynda and was happy to see her after having tried just about everything to get the night terrors to end. To my astonishment after a few sessions they stopped. They seemed to relate to what now seems an insignificant incident as a small child. Back then it must have been a major trauma for me.

After half a dozen sessions they stopped completely. My friends cannot believe the difference in me!


Animals have no resistance!

We were about to take our cat to the vets and feared the worst, but something told us to see if Lynda´s Body Code system could help the poor puss. He was off his food, had diarrhea and was vomiting with blood, as well as having an issue with a virus, and fungus affecting his fur. It did not look good. Anyway, after a few sessions he seemed to be improving. He was looking brighter and within and two or three days he was pretty well recovered and eating normally. There appeared to be lots of different issues going on that contributed to his symptoms. We are just glad we still have him for a little while longer! Thank you very much!


A boost for the whole family

Lynda´s energy healing helped me come to terms with a mobility challenge and I was amazed at how much emotion I released that from a childhood trauma. I suggested my husband have some Body and Emotion Code sessions too which enabled him to regain motivation after having been “tired all the time” for ages. He also released negative energy around a road accident when he was a teenager! The most amazing results though came for our daughter who after just 3 or 4 sessions was relieved of her crippling anxiety, and soon back to work in a new job and travelling on holiday.

We are all so very grateful!

Chris, and Bob and Angela

Feeling soothed!

As I was approaching my 80th birthday and during the Covid lockdowns was getting scared that I might never actually get to see my family again as we were spread around Europe and USA. I had had Covid and felt very vulnerable. There was friction between me and my husband. I felt very tearful all the time. After my first Emotion Code session with Lynda I felt much lighter. I was fascinated and surprised that it picked up trauma from when I was tiny in World War 2! With the Body Code I found a shoulder issue resolved within a couple of sessions. Amazing!


Things seem more positive now

I was skeptical about the sessions but they do seem to home in on feelings and events that happened in the past. I was happy to release negative emotions and help healing some minor injuries. Looking back I had a rough time as a kid with a family break up and issues at school. So I am no longer carrying that baggage around and pleased to be starting my working life. I used to be seen as a “misfit” but now the old school bullies want to best mates!


Delighted to have found my practitioner

I had read Dr Bradey Nelson´s book The Emotion Code and been trying unsuccessfully to contact one of his trained practitioners in UK without success. Then I came across Lynda´s details on a trip to Spain! I am thrilled as I now have sessions via Zoom which work just fine but we hope to meet in person on my next trip to the Costa Blanca. I was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and have so far defied the prognosis through healing with a number of other modalities. However I felt sure there was an emotional aspect still to be dealt with. Sure enough in my first session Lynda identified and cleared a “Heart Wall” which is a blockage made of negative emotional energies. I felt a shift in myself in the following days and am looking forward to some Body Code sessions now as part of my campaign to regain my health.



A unique lady – straightforward, ex diplomat, author, counsellor, and energy healing pioneer!

Lynda served over 20 years with the British Diplomatic Service with overseas postings in the Far East and South-East Asia, India and Pakistan, the South Pacific, West Africa and Latin America. She then settled in Spain to raise a young family and has been heavily involved with the local expat community in various roles including teaching, personal development and life coaching, intuitive counselling, and more recently energy healing and wellness. Mental and physical health has been a lifelong passion of hers.

In 2021, she “retired” as President of the national mental health charity Samaritans in Spain. In 2020 Lynda published her first book Brains at the Border about the psychological and emotional impact of expatriate life around the world. With her background and vast experience, she is ideally placed to support expat clients in particular. However, she would love to hear from those seeing help whether at home or abroad!


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