Open Your Heart! 

As we, in the Northern hemisphere, enter the winter holiday season, we look forward to some warm-hearted good cheer with family and friends and we all voice our hopes for a brighter new year to come worldwide.

For this newsletter then I feel it is timely to share some fascinating insights into how trapped emotions impact on our heart and our ability to give and receive support, love, abundance, and prosperity.

Dismantle Your Heart Wall

The Emotion Code is based on the concept that trapped emotions can negatively affect a person’s physical and emotional well-being. A “Heart Wall” refers to a metaphorical barrier made up of trapped emotions that people may unconsciously create around their hearts.

The Heart Wall is considered a protective mechanism that the subconscious mind creates to shield the heart from potential emotional harm. The idea is that, over time, the accumulation of these trapped emotions form layers around the heart and can contribute to various issues, both physical and emotional.

Benefits of breaking down the Heart Wall

Releasing trapped emotions and dismantling the Heart Wall is believed to offer several potential benefits, such as:

A greater sense of emotional well-being by reducing feelings of sadness, anxiety, and other negative emotions. Some individuals report feeling lighter and more at peace after undergoing Emotion Code sessions.

Helping individuals become more open and receptive to others, leading to improved interpersonal relationships. It may contribute to better general communication and connection with others.

Removing the energetic blockages associated with the Heart Wall is believed to result in increased energy levels and vitality. Individuals may experience a greater sense of motivation and enthusiasm for life.

Releasing helps reduce stress and promote a more relaxed state of being. This, in turn, may have positive effects on overall health and well-being.

Some clients report improved mental clarity and focus after addressing a Heart Wall. This may lead to better decision-making and a greater sense of purpose.

Sometimes we find  “Hidden Heart Walls” of emotions that have been so suppressed that it is only when other issues have been revealed and released that they can then come to light.

What if the emotional baggage is not even yours?

Did you know?

Whether or not it forms part of a Heart Wall, the emotional baggage that you carry around may not even be yours!

Clients are often amazed when they find out that their negative feelings have been caused by trapped emotions that originated from others! Emotions may be inherited from our biological parents and, in some cases, have been passed down through the DNA and many generations going back hundreds of years!

As a foetus in our mother’s womb, we can absorb prenatal emotions from her and indeed from others close to her.  After birth, we can also absorb emotions at any time in our life from family, friends, or people we work with. We can also share emotions with others – for example two people involved in a car accident may both experience at the same time the shock and terror associated with that event.

Emotions develop due to both nature and nurture

So, whether inherited through genetics or absorbed from the environment, emotions can become trapped in the body and create energetic imbalances. We can also experience what are known as “compound” emotions. In the same way that mixing the two colours blue and yellow creates green, rarely we may experience two emotions simultaneously, say grief and sadness, and this forms a “compound” of those two emotions.

Occasionally emotions show up that are from a time even before our own conception! These pre-conception emotions may be taken by some people as evidence of a past life, however very often it is simply energy from past times that has mysteriously made its way into the individuals energy body. We are all energy beings swimming in a soup of universal energy and the energies blend.

Wait- there is still more to unveil with the Body Code!

The Body Code goes further into the energetic nature of our mind and body. In addition to the identification and release of emotions it delves into our mental energies such as the “Will to” or “No will to” be or do something. It uncovers any negative “Broadcast Messages” that we may be subliminally giving out about ourselves to others.

We may have a “Memory Field” about past events which is sitting like a fog in front of us and preventing us moving forward. Or it could be programming such as a negative image that we have of ourselves.

The Body Code also addresses “Offensive Energies” or what might commonly be called “Psychic Attack”.  We can absorb “entities” such as negative vibrations left in buildings into our own energy body. Other people’s negative thoughts and emotions about us can also affect us directly and create a non-deliberate “curse” or the means to “sabotage” us in some way.

We may need to cut invisible “cording” that ties us with another person emotionally and has a negative impact on us. And we can absorb negative messages about ourselves from “Post Hypnotic Suggestions” that are often generated quite unintentionally in conversation or found in written material or in TV programmes and movies, or even songs we listen to on the radio.

Coming next:

In future newsletters we will explore some other interesting details about our energy or spirit body, and how the Body Code incorporates ancient knowledge about the circuitry and meridian lines of the physical body, as well as our chakra system and aura, in the energy healing process. Stay tuned in 2024!

Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year.


I look forward to working with you soon!
Lynda xx

Unleashing Your Full Potential: Embracing the Power of the Emotion and Body Code Healing

With Lynda Brettle, ex diplomat, health and wellbeing expert, and author of “Brains at the Border”

Lynda is enthusiastic about helping individuals understand and release any blocks that hinder their well-being. She weaves her individual experiences as a former diplomat overseas and observing what makes different people “tick” with research and advice to offer a roadmap for emotional self-discovery. Click here to purchase “Brains at the Border” and claim a Free download “Fresh Frontiers.”