Can you imagine just how it feels to be calm and relaxed and glowing with health? When did YOU last feel that way? What if there is an effortless way to get to feel that way again? There is, and it is known as the Emotion and Body Code.

This healing modality incorporates the teachings of Chinese medicine, and other ancient wisdom, alongside evidence gained from modern quantum physics which supports them. We will explore the intersection between neuroscience and energy healing, bridging the gap between mind and body.

Understanding Emotions:

Emotions are the language of our soul, guiding us through life’s experiences, much like the car GPS system guides us on a journey. Most of us though ignore the warning messages that our emotions are sending us and fail to make a U – turn if possible! During twenty years of experience living abroad, and later in handling crisis situations, I have witnessed firsthand the profound impact that unprocessed emotions can have on our mental AND physical health by eventually creating dis-ease.

Understanding The Body

In this blog post series, we will delve into the emotions, their energetic imprints, and how to navigate them using the Emotion Code to regain mental balance and harmony. Using the Body Code, we will also see how we can identify physical issues by investigating six different areas: Energy (where the Emotion Code is one sub-section), Toxins, Pathogens, Circuits and Systems, Misalignments and Lifestyle/Nutrition. The Body Code does not diagnose it is purely by releasing and realigning, that we can reset harmful patterns that create or contribute to physical symptoms and chronic conditions.

The Power of the Emotion and Body Code Healing:

None of us can claim to feel on top of the world 100% of the time – whatever our cultural background / environment, socio-economic status, age, or gender, we all must experience many emotional highs and lows. The good news is that we can use a very safe, simple, non – invasive, effective, and rapid method to release negative energies, restore a state of homeostasis and enable the body to heal itself.

The Body Code Healing is an integrated approach originally developed by the renowned Dr Bradley Nelson in USA. The premise is that the subconscious mind knows everything that is going on within the body and by tapping into the body’s innate intelligence, we can address underlying issues, restore energetic flow, and facilitate healing on multiple levels.

How a Session is Conducted

We do this by using gentle muscle testing and asking questions of the subconscious mind that will generate a Yes of No answer. Armed with a series of charts we can, by process of elimination identify any issues and easily release and realign with the use of healing magnets that draw out the trapped energies. In later posts I will share further details of the techniques, and case studies, to illuminate the full potential of this powerful healing modality. More details can also be found about the sessions in the FAQs at

Practical Tips for Building Emotional and Physical Resilience:

Emotional wellness is an essential aspect of our overall health and happiness. Along the way, I will also be sharing some practical tips, exercises, and mindfulness practices that you can incorporate into your daily life. These tools will empower you to cultivate emotional resilience, release stagnant energy, and experience a newfound sense of well-being and vibrant health.

In short, emotional resilience really must be developed and strengthened over time through learning gained by overcoming hardships and seeking support when needed. Also, critical thinking skills are essential for us to cope with the tough times – which are equally a part of life as the good times! We need to stay flexible and adaptable because the only constant in life is change. We need confidence to step outside of our comfort zone and avail ourselves of opportunities. We need to learn to kind to ourselves if we are to be loving in our relationships and welcome in prosperity.

Fit for Life

By caring for our body “temple” we maintain physical resilience and our capacity to bounce back from the impact of injuries, viruses, extreme temperatures or exertion, environmental hazards and so on. Being physically active, getting enough sleep, releasing toxins, having a suitable diet and nutrition and sufficient hydration, work, AND play, means that we build up strong immune system. If you are suffering with niggling aches and pains, mobility issues, headaches, an irritable bowel, disturbed sleep, allergies, or anything that feels “off” right now listen to your body! The sooner you TAKE ACTION the better in heading off a major health issue. Prevention is always better than trying to find a cure when a condition has become too much to manage. Regular Emotion and Body Code sessions identify with precision the complex issues within the body and help nip things in the bud!

So together, let us unlock the transformative power of Emotion and Body Code healing for YOU. Stay tuned for upcoming posts as we dive deeper into the fascinating world of emotions and energy healing and learn how the process works and more about what you can expect in a private session.

I look forward to working with you soon!
Lynda xx

Unleashing Your Full Potential: Embracing the Power of the Emotion and Body Code Healing

With Lynda Brettle, ex diplomat, health and wellbeing expert, and author of “Brains at the Border”

Lynda is enthusiastic about helping individuals understand and release any blocks that hinder their well-being. She weaves her individual experiences as a former diplomat overseas and observing what makes different people “tick” with research and advice to offer a roadmap for emotional self-discovery. Click here to purchase “Brains at the Border” and claim a Free download “Fresh Frontiers.”